“Can you ‘see’ me?” (Daily Prompt)

Do you ever wonder what people “see” when people see you? You have this certain impression of yourself. You look in the mirror and can confidently say:

“Hey, I’m ok. I’m decent looking. I’m a nice guy. I think I am mildly funny. Yeah, my head is a weird egg-ish shape….and my glasses seem to look crooked sitting on top of my nose. And I’m not sure where I got that bump near my cheek….is that a mosquito bite? A pimple? Wait…what is that?”

Well, maybe that’s just me.

But, we worry about the impression we leave on others. I always wonder how my friends “see” me. Am I the funny, easy-going guy who has a joke about every single thing? Or the over-anxious guy who is paranoid about everything?

Am I the guy who is well-versed in Nerd Culture and video games with a big heart?

Or the guy who is “way too into Harry Potter and Taylor Swift” who is naive and way too nice for his own good?

Yes, that stuff worries me. But the person who I want to leave the biggest impression on is my daughter.

I wish I could look into her eyes and heart and see the way she sees me. Am I the fun dad who makes her laugh all the time and takes her to all these conventions where she gets to play dress-up and learn about Nerd-ish type stuff? When she sits in on my podcasts, does she think they are cool? Or are they boring to her?

I could look at my childhood and honestly say I didn’t know much about my father. Yes, he was abusive. Yes, he was a terrible father in every way imaginable. But beneath all that…who was he?

What did he like to do? What were his hobbies? What was his childhood like? Did he have a favorite movie or tv show? What kind of music did he like?

I don’t know any of the answers to those questions. That’s sad. Your child should know some of these, they should have an impression of you.

That’s one thing I can be confident in, that my daughter has an impression of me. She sees what I love, she knows what I love to eat she knows I love Taylor Swift, she knows what my favorite things are. Those are all traits I can visually show her.

But, what about my heart? Does she see whats in my heart? What makes me cry….what I am passionate about…what drives me to wake up every day. The important traits that need to be passed on.

I will never know this until one day when I see her mimic that behavior.

Today’s daily prompt is the word “impression.”

But, seriously…what is that pink bump near my cheek,


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9 thoughts on ““Can you ‘see’ me?” (Daily Prompt)

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  1. Awesome interpretation. I’m never concerned what other people think of me. My husband says it’s because I lack the intelligence and sense for this. He’s the opposite. When it comes to my son however your words are mine. I didn’t know much about my dad. Family roles were different in prior generations. That wasn’t the dad thing. You are probably in the majority with the relationship you had with your dad. Our kids will have a better understanding of who we are. My husband and son are best friends. I know I’m the person he’s most comfortable with because he is at his worst around me. He’s 22. We are a close family. Thank you for that perspective.


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